This is where I share my every-day photography, snippets of family life, and other things that give me joy.


Pictures speak loudly
all the words I may not say.
Light capturing light.


Sea of bags

Another truckload

We volunteered with our local Scout troupe as bag-sorters for the City to Surf "fun run" today. Before the race, the runners each put their personal effects in a plastic bag with their registration number on it. These bags are (roughly) colour-coded into groups of 10,000 or so (there are ~70,000 runners in total), and then trucked to the finishing line at Bondi Beach, 14km away. At Bondi, we unloaded them from the trucks, and then sorted into groups of 1000, and then rows of 100. Our little group of four (plus two 8-yr olds) was responsible for around 2000 bags (numbers 13,000 - 15,000). At the end of the race, the runners front up to the collection area, and we have to find their bag by their bib number.

What you see here is a pile of bags just unloaded from a truck, and a sea of (mostly) green, sorted bags ready for collection.

Oddly, it was a heap of fun. Most runners were genuinely pleased at how quickly we got their belongings back to them. This may have been because they'd seen the total chaos across the way with bags 30,000 - 40,000.




Explaining to me how his new favourite software works, while waiting for the bus to take him to tennis.

So nice to see him in his dad's weeks, when I go up to school for choir.


Empty nest

Another week ahead with an empty nest.

Wing found this bird's nest in the backyard. It's been on the mantelpiece for a while, but it really struck me tonight when the house was eerily still after the kids left for their dad's place.



"Let us realise the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.




The little one has been discovering Reason music production software. We got him his own funky headphones so he can really immerse himself in the grooves. I love watching the process as he builds each layer upon the previous one.



"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

- Marianne Wiliamson, Return to Love



At last, a sunny day!

We had promised the kids a trip to The Maze, so that's where we headed this morning.
The main maze is a large wooden-walled one, in which you have to navigate to four coloured poles in order, and then to a tower at the end. Very tricky. A little less stressful (but no less fun) are the two pine mazes - one easier than the other.

There are also two puzzle mazes (right-turn only and left-turn only), and a large, tangled rope web to be navigated. Then nine holes of mini-golf and a game of giant chess.

After a brief moment to regroup at home, we headed to Annalakshmi on the Perth waterfront for dinner. What a wonderful restaurant! Entirely staffed by volunteers, their motto is "Eat to your heart's content, and pay what your heart feels". There is no menu, but a constantly refilled buffet of tasty vegetarian Indian food. A perfect final meal to share with our generous hosts.



We had been planning to spend the day at The Maze today, but the forecast was for hail. So we did indoors-y things instead.

We started the day with awesomeness, in the form of Kung Fu Panda. Apparently the hail happened while we were in the cinema. It was still very windy and damp when we emerged, so we headed into the city.

A friend in Sydney had suggested we seek out the Croissant Express chain, and try their "hot number" rolls. We found a store in a shopping mall in the centre of town, and bought rolls for all of us. Wing and I both braved the "hot number", which looked innocent enough, but turned out to be thickly spresd with mashed jalapeno peppers. Mmmm - hot. Our next lunchtime goal was to each try a flavoured milk that we hadn't tried before. We ended up with spearmint, eggnog, vanilla malt and choc-honeycomb.

After lunch, we spent a couple of hours in the Gallery of Western Australia. Their permanent collection has just been reorganised thematically rather than chronologically, and it's been beautifully curated. It certainly kept the kids' interest better than a more conventional gallery arrangement.

We finished our day at the Scitech centre, which is a small branch of Canberra's Questacon. Our Powerhouse membership got us in for free, and we spent an hour mucking around with all their experiments until they chucked us out at closing time.

We were planning a quiet dinner at home, but the day's storms caused a 2-hour blackout, which made it an adventure in itself.


Swan Valley

Another wettish day today, so we decided to go on a decadent adventure to the Swan Valley (just North-West of Perth) for lots of foodie treats and not much wandering around outside.

We visited (and sampled the wares at) a chocolate factory, a winery, a lolly shop, an ice-cream maker and a nougat factory. We had been planning on a hot chocolate each at the nougat place (having been told by the tourist information centre that they are the best in the valley), but were too full, so instead shared one mug between us.

We finished the day with a trawl through Guildford's junk shops, picking up a couple of bells for Wing's collection.